Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to "Good Stock Investing"

This is a "beta" blog (under construction) for stock analysis. I write a blog at and you can read my posts there. Just put my name BrucePile (no blank space) in the search bar there. They call the blogs there "Instablogs".

I plan to do write ups on stocks as well as some sector and overall market analysis. I have basically been a bottom up analyst just picking good stocks, not a big market timer. But, in the School of Hard Knocks, I am learning to be a market analyst as well. I will design a header with some more up-to-date fund performance charts (I have widened my lead on the S&P 500). I also want to make research resource information a major feature of the site. So much of the information on the web is DRIP (Data Rich Information Poor) that I feel a valuable service is rendered by anyone who sorts the junk out.

Please be patient with the development of the site.

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