Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stock Selections

A primary purpose of my blog will be to present posts on individual stocks. Sector and overall market thoughts I love to research and write about, but I'm mainly a bottom up stock picker. I am trying to become a better market direction analyst, because, as Cramer often says, half a stock's movement is usually just its sector movement.

What I'll be presenting is for "informational use" only as the paranoid legalese disclaimers stress (Do read the Terms of Use Agreement on this site if you can stay awake to the end). I am not acting as anyone's financial advisor with this web site, because the role an advisor fills is to manage risk level between investments and an individual. You could be in a heap of trouble if you rely on me for that!

Use my stock posts as contributions to the research you and/or your advisor does. Sometimes, like right now, I will deem the market to be at a dangerous juncture and will present no stock selections. And I am going to monitor the stocks I present and post my best determination of when to sell them. I've been defensive on the market since early June. To explain why, I'm posting a copy of my Seeking Alpha post from June 12 "Market at Red Light..".

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