Saturday, July 31, 2010

SinoCoking Stirring Again?

China's SinoCoking (SCOK) is an adventurous stock having been shot up to $2000 and change during the year 2000 period, when anything with a good story and no money went to the moon. Since then, the stock has crashed to about $12 during the 2002 bear, shot up to over $200 in the ensuing recovery, then slowly wilted back down to $12, where it more or less hibernated during the market bottoming of 2009. To wit: (click to enlarge)

It seems to have been a tortuous exodus after 2004 with very strong handed ownership left by the time of the 2008 fiasco. Now the stock appears to be getting noticed by new buyers. During the huge surge to $200 plus of the early 2000s, the PE ranged between 50 and 100. Now with the stock in the teens and dead as a hammer, the PE is like 3 - but its cheapness is gaining some attention. The insiders like it with a 43% ownership level. Back on June 4, ran a piece titled "Two Undervalued China Coal Stocks" where they featured SinoCoking and Yanzhou Coal Mining (YZC). Unlike Yanzhou, they do primarily steel making coal and chemical processing coal. The stock appeared to be breaking into another of its gargantuan climbs, but the big China Swoon of 2010 threw a flood of cold water on this move. But, as Jim Cramer said this week, the malaise over China may be lifting soon. With big growth stories, you buy the massacres. This probably qualifies as one. It's doing some nice technical things right now:

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