Sunday, June 20, 2010

How's That Smartphone Revolution Doing ?

About a year ago, Jim Cramer was going all bonkers about the great smartphone tsunami headed our way, warning investors not to miss the giant wave. He was saying at the time that the mobile internet was going to be bigger to us than the chip was to the computer and what the internet was to the computer. Well, the smartphone revolution is proceeding. But is that making for an equal or better story in the related stocks? Cramer is pretty tech savvy and picking the good tech stocks was one of his strong points as a fund manager. So when he instituted his Smartphone Index on 8/12/09, I was interested. He picked out 20 names, and I puzzled over why he didn't include some. So I made up my "supplemental" smartphone index. Here's how they've done:

Cramer List of Top 20

TLAB + 3.7%
ADCT -10.3%
CIEN +18.2%
TKLC -13.9%
CTV - 5.3%
QCOM -22.9%
BRCM +34.0%
NETL +49.2%
XLNX +24.0%
SWKS +53.3%
RFMD -11.1%
ONNN - 7.3%
CY +0.7%
TSRA -28.4%
SNDK +185.5%
CSCO + 8.3%
GOOG +8.9%
RIMM -15.0%
PALM -57.8%
AAPL +61.8%
average= +13.8%

My Supplemental List

WRLS +15.2%
NTE -17.9%
ARMH +115.3%
CHA - 1.5%
SYNA +6.0%
CHU -10.6%
OVTI +73%
AKAM +137.5%
CREE +104.0%
ERTS -21.9%
STX +24.8%
LLTC +13.2%
average= 27.5%

The Russell 2000 is up 16.8% over this same time and the QQQQ is up 18.7%, outclimbing the Cramer Index. I guess my +27.5% means I'm roughly twice as smart as Cramer. Now if I just had half his energy and charm.

My selections, given that I'm a tech idiot, were based more on cash flow history, valuation, and technical condition. This may infer that much of the smartphone technical particulars story may already be baked into the cake. It's hard to beat the market to the punch.


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