Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silver Technical Update

If you hate to chase anything at an all time high, and don't we all, then you don't really like buying much gold right now. But maybe we can cheat and buy gold's rocket ride via silver. This bifurcated metal constantly has to decide whether to follow its industrial use self and follow the stock market or to follow its monetary metal self and follow gold. The monetary self usually wins out over the long haul as is evidenced by the R squared for gold/silver being around 0.95 long term. So any straying of silver behind gold is a good buy-the-massacre move. Buy-the-massacre is so much better than chasing.

The massacre in silver has it nearly 20% down from its high now, right at the 20% decline bear market classification. But it will very likely slingshot to par with gold. This is after all a monetary crisis we are in.

The silver/gold ratio chart looks like this now: (click on charts to enlarge)

Silver is just now emerging from an RSI turn point where it begins outclimbing gold. Even if it stays bound in the horizontal channel it's in, it will match the climb in gold for awhile. You can't complain about that.

The price chart looks like this:

The consolidation of last year looks to be repeating and is probably ending now. The channel appears to be thoroughly broken. If we get a post consolidation climb like last time, we are at a prime buy point.

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