Friday, January 10, 2014

Materials Science (MASC) Being Bought Out

I put MASC into the blog line up about a year ago at $9.27 with the title "Materials Science Could Climb Soon".  Well it did climb to $11 in 3 months, but then became a disappointment as it drifted for many months. Then over the last 3 months, it re-energized up to $12. Now Zinc Acquisitions Holdings has snapped it up for a price of $12.75 all cash and it appears to be a done deal. All major players including the major insiders owning 19% of the shares are in favor. There is a 35 day "go shop" period to Feb 12 for MASC to entertain other offers. So barring such an offer, MASC is out of the lineup with a gain of 38%.

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